Friday, April 30, 2010


I've loved my Ergo since first use, but after putting Ella Grace in the back carry for the first time I have fallen in love all over again! I wish I could supply Ergo's for all my mommy friends and readers. I love my Moby wrap as well, but Ella Grace is getting a little heavy for it and, it can't back carry.

I decided to try the back carry on a fluke, thinking she might be too short still, and she LOVED it!

Edited: I just found this awesome ERGO give away!! OMG!!!

I would LURV to have a second Ergo. Possibly one not so girly so Sean would wear it more :)

also- check out the giveaway-er's website


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  4. I love her hair so so so much! I just want to put my face in it!