Wednesday, June 10, 2009

eeek... 1 month!

I can't believe I haven't updated in almost a month! A during a month that I really didn't do much. Maybe that's the problem. I had nothing to blog about. :)

Quick rundown on what I've done since May 12th:

May 12-22 was crammed with wrapping up the year with my afternoon kids. They had bookreports to complete and end of year jitters made this take a lot longer than it should have! But they turned out pretty good if I do say so.

I found out during that time that the family I had planned to work with for the summer was not going to be able to keep me on as the mother lost her job. So I spent the last month applying to every nanny job I could find. I had several interviews and finally found the perfect fit. I start my new job tomorrow with a family in Decatur. 4 kids ages 6 1/2, 5, and 3 1/2 yr old twins. It's looking more daunting at the day approaches but I am really excited.

If you are looking for a sitter or a job as a sitter check out:

May 17th we celebrated David McKinley's Graduation from Ga Southern! Woo Hoo! Way to go David! We had a fun chatting with friends and basically being goof balls...the night wrapped up with a trip to WaHo and it was great!

May 23rd was a Saturday and like most Saturday's was spent with my girls Megan, Beth, and Kate. Beth's teacher (who is awesome!) had organized a trip for the class to go fishing at a cat fish pond and all siblings and family were invited. So after iceskating lessons (they are tooo cute (: ) we had lunch, packed a snack, picked up Sean to help and went to fish! We had a blast! Sean didn't want to leave. LOL

May 28th was a crazy night. Odhin, Jimmy's dog (my brother in law) went after our Honey Dew
and also bit Sean in the process. 9pm-1am was spent trying to clean up Honey and then in the doggy er. She ended up with 4 staples in her ear and we thought we were done with her for the time being. Sean fought not going, but the vet and a friend who is a vet tech told him he needed to go right away. So 1am-6am was spent in the human er. Sean was lucky not to have had his toe broken by the bite and they cleaned it up, put him on antibioitics and sent him home.

June 4th was my b-day and it was really nice. I slept in and didn't really do anything during the day. Sean and I went to my parent's house around 3 and then hungout until going to play trivia at Hudson Grille. We came in 3rd and would have won if we'd wagered the 7 points I said to wager on the final instead of the full 15 like everyone else decided. Oh well. It was nice. Kim Landers (my hs art teacher) happened to be getting her nails done next door and came over and played with us. It was really nice to see her and fun was had by all. When we got home and Sean took his shoe off I noticed his toe where Odhin bit him was really red, swollen, and warm. Three signs of infection. Off to the ER we go again! The er docs said it was infection from the bite and that the antibiotics that he was put on to start were not working. The cleaned it up again, change the Rx and sent us home (5 hours later).

June 5th we went to see No Doubt at Lakewood. Needless to say the show was awsome and we had a ton of fun. Thanks to Eileen and David for getting everybody to go!

June 8th... back to the er. Yeah I know... crazy... The inflimation was way worse and the antibioitcs apparently still weren't working. The doc was much more thorough this time around. Taking a full panel of blood work and taking blood for 4 differnt cultures, we left after Sean had a good dose of IV antibiotics in him and with a promise from the doc that he would call Tuesday night. Sure enough he did. Sean's foot was still pretty messed up but the doc said so far so good. The white blood cell count was a little elevated but not crazy high so the antibiotics are at least fighting whatever it is. We're waiting to hear from him again tonight 48 hrs after the cultures were taken.

Yesterday- June 9th- fun with the Kaleigh Bug! We spent the entire day with Ashely V's little one and it was wonderful. We love that girl so much!

Today- my last day of freedom... I did nothing! Nothing but cruise the net and watch tv. I figure I won't be doing much more of this after today for a while at least.

Sorry this was soo long and crazy! But I had to get it all done before the new job tomorrow!