Saturday, April 24, 2010

5 Days, 5 States- Day 2

Today was my cousin Brennen's wedding. We started the day with a visit to take Ella Grace to  meet her Great Aunt Shelly (mother of the groom) and her 1st cousins once removed Seth and Brennen. Aunt Shelly and her boys lived with us for a good while when we were children. "The Boys", Justin, Seth, and Brennen are as near to being my brothers as possible without actually being my brother, and the only boy who holds a dearer brother spot in my heart is my own brother Joshua. I was beyond excited for Brennen, Seth, and Aunt Shelly to meet Ella Grace for the first time. Here are just a few pictures...

(Aunt Shelly and Ella Grace. Instant love.)

(Seth Michael and Ella Grace.I'm sure she'll adore him just like I always have.)

(Ben-Ben and Ella Grace. Ready for your own Brennen??)

Next was getting ready for the wedding and enjoying some yummy food. The bride was beautiful and we even managed to get a "cousins" picture. Only missing 2 by blood and 1 spouse. Tony, Joey, and Sean we miss you! I hope we can all be together as a group with no one missing sooner rather than later. Maybe we can plan for Ella Grace's 1st birthday??? 

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