Monday, April 26, 2010

5 Days, 5 States- Day 4

Today was our only unscheduled day. We were just chillin at my Aunt Jenny's with Gran, Shannon, and Tristian. Playing with Ella Grace and trying to keep Gran in check and daddy working on stuff around the house and in the yard.

Spending the day, helping take care of a woman who took care of me for years, has been both a rewarding and emotionally draining. I loved my Aunt Jenny before I came, but my respect for her has grown exponentially in the past 2 days. I am glad that I've had this time with my Gran, but I also am aching inside. The woman I knew as a child is gone. She knows who I am most of the time, but her actions and thoughts are those of a small child. Constantly feeling like others are out to get her and bossing her around just to boss her not to help her. She thinks she can still take care of herself and any help is just people picking at her.

Seeing her play with my daughter brought joy to my soul and I'm glad I've taken pictures to show Ella Grace when she is bigger. My eyes are watering just thinking of the day that Gran won't be here. I am pretty sure that she will mentally be gone for a while before she actually goes. Either way, I know Ella Grace will never really know her.

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  1. Even if she never really knows her, you've created cherished memories and it's great that you'll be able to share them with her by showing her the pictures when she's older.

    I don't think Colin will ever meet his great grandparents.