Monday, April 12, 2010

Baaaaaa- Sleep Sheep Review

Very recently, we received a "Sleep Sheep" from Sean's Aunt. Mimi had heard raves about this product and thought we could use it with Ella Grace. It's a noise maker that fits nicely inside of a cuddly sheep. It plays for different sounds:

1. Mother's Heart Beat
2. Rain
3. Ocean Waves
4. Whale Calls

 The night we got this, we were heading back to our place late and Ella was rather fussy. Surprised and pleased that batteries were included we decided to give it a try. It has a great feature of a Velcro loop thingy to attache to a crib, pnp, bed-rail, or in our case- a car seat. We strapped it to the handle of the car seat and off we go. Within moments there was silence from the backseat. Ella Grace was fast asleep to the sound of the rain. We can't thank Mimi enough for the Sleep Sheep. It's now attached to the rail of Ella Grace's cradle and has been wonderful to help sooth her back to sleep this past week. Oh, and another great feature- it has a timer on it! You can choose to have it play for 25 or 45 minutes and that to me is awesome. No having to press the button every few minutes and no need to worry about wasting batteries. The best of both worlds! I'll load a video or at least a picture of Ella Grace and her sleep sheep as soon as I figure out why my laptop is messing up with YouTube.


  1. I've heard really good things about the sleep sheep! Nice to hear a review!

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