Wednesday, April 28, 2010

5 Days, 5 States- Day 5

Today was the last leg of our journey and the longest drive of all. Newport News, Virginia to Atlanta, Georgia.

Over 600 miles in one day wit my 12 week old. The two previous legs of our trip had been driven starting in the later afternoon. 2pm on both days actually. On both of these drives, Ella Grace was an angel. Sleeping most of the way and content to look at herself in the mirror during the times she was awake. Today, this was not the case.

We left Newport News around 9:30am and by 10:00 she was awake and fussing. She would take her paci, be chill for about 5-10 minutes and then fuss again. Where as on the way up we didn't have to make any unscheduled stops, today we had to stop quite frequently as Ella Grace decided she needed to nurse every 2 hours. Dad and I were and are pretty beat from the trip and we just wanted to get home. Oh well. Not much we could do. She did give us a couple of 1 hours naps and when I was sitting with her in the back seat she was much less fussy. It gave us some playtime too. She is starting to hold her toys and either try to eat them, or shake them around, so playing with her is becoming more and more fun.

Here are a few pics from our last day on the road...

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