Sunday, April 25, 2010

5 Days, 5 States- Day 3

Today was another travel day. Before we left we took some pictures on Aunt Cathy's back porch.

We started our day in Peterstown, West Virginia.
On our way out of town we stopped at Peterstown Cemetary to see my Paw Paw's grave as well as my great and great-great grandparent's graves. Peterstown Cemetary sits on top of a hill and the view is beautiful. I can't wait to take Ella back when she is older and I can tell her who is who and she can see where her Paw Paw's family is from.
(Me and Ella at the Williams Family Plot)

(Daddy saying hi to his Pop, My PawPaw)

 (PawPaw's Tomb Stone, next time I visit,I'm taking him a six pack.)

And drove across the beautiful mountains and hills and valleys of Virginia to Hampton, Virginia.
My daddy was born in Newport News which is just down the street from Hampton. My Aunt Jenny and her kids as well as my Granny still live there and we took Ella Grace to meet them!

 (Introducing Ella Grace to her Great Granny.)


  1. How is it traveling with the baby? How are the sleeping arrangements?

    You should keep going north and end up in MA!

  2. She has slept almost all of the time in the car. We've been sleeping together. Which is relatively normal. I wish I could keep going north! I'd love to see you and the little man!