Saturday, May 1, 2010

Momma Got Savvy...

If you have seen pics of my on here of fb or have fallen in love and been peeping in my apartment windows you might have noticed that my hair pretty much has two doo's. Slick pony and messy pony. Well, I have decided that in an effort to not make like my husband look like a perv and to not look like a teenage mommy, that needs to change. So a new haircut was in order.

But wait, haircuts cost money. Good haircuts cost even more money. I have no money. At least not for stuff like haircuts. All money right now is being directed to bills, Ella Grace, and more bills. So I would just have to wait. Then came my scathingly brilliant idea! I could barter for a haircut! I've know the girl who cuts my hair since I was in middle school and she was just out of high-school and still learning how to cut hair. She knows that I am a photographer. I've sent bridal clients her way for their wedding day doo's. So I did a quick calculation in my head and decided to go on over and see if she would be interested in bartering a couple of haircuts for a family photo shoot. Sure enough! Momma's got a new doo!

Aside from wanting to show off my new hair, I also wanted to remind everyone that in the current economic climate, thing can get tight. But think about what you have to offer in exchange for what you need/want and don't be afraid to make an offer. The worse that can happen is they say no.

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