Monday, May 10, 2010

Of Boogers & Mother's Day

Friday night Ella Grace could only be consoled if she was being held upright. All night long. She had a stuffy nose. Nursing was difficult because she couldn't really breath. So he was on and off and didn't nurse well in general all day. When she would fall asleep, if we put her down, she woke up within 5-10 minutes crying because she couldn't breath and then would realize "oh yeah, I'm still hungry" and the cycle would begin once more. At 6am Sean went to the store to get a nasal aspirator because we couldn't find ours and while there he got nasal saline to try and flush some of the goop out. When he got back he came and took her downstairs and let me sleep. He did all the dirty work of drops and sucking out boogies. Then he came back up and sat in the bathroom with her with a hot shower running to try and break up some more of the goop. It seemed to help, and she was a good, all be it tired, baby most of the day. Then around 5:30/6:00pm things went down  hill very fast. She started having a hard time breathing through her nose again, and would cry and pull off when nursing since she could get any air. Neither Sean or I wanted a repeat of Friday night so we packed her up and headed to the Children's Heathcare Urgent Care place.

They checked her vitals and she had good  O2 levels and no fever so we had to wait. And wait. When we finally got in to see the doctor she checked Ella Grace's eyes, ears, nose, and throat and then listened to her breathing. She said "it's just a cold. use a humidifier and keep with the saline drops and aspirator. This could take 5-7 days to clear." We left feeling bad for our baby and sad for the sleep we knew we would be missing. Orders in hand to call our doctor Monday morning and see if they wanted to see us, we went home. Climbing into bed just after midnight, already half asleep, Sean says "Happy Mother's Day."

Sunday Ella was still not 100% so we just chilled at home until we went to a late brunch around 2 with my mom, brother, cousin Justin, and his wife Renee. The food was delish and I got to eat the most delicious French Toast I've had ever, and some very yummy lasagna. Yeah, I know, sounds weird. The restaurant was a cafe/pizzeria with a breakfast brunch buffet. I always have a hard time deciding if I want breakfast or lunch/dinner when I dine at a place that offers both. So this was wonderful in my opinion.

Sean got me two wonderful cards, one from him and one from Ella Grace. Both made me cry good tears. He also got me a really neat book that I will write "in my own words" as the title says, about my life and all that has led me to this first Mother's Day. I think I'm going to also be using it for blog inspiration, so stay tuned!

Sunday night Ella Grace and I slept downstairs so Sean could be well rested for work today. Ella Grace in her swing and me on the couch, it worked out well. I either slept great or I was just too tired to notice if I was uncomfortable.

And that is all folks. All of Boogers and Mother's Day.

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