Sunday, March 14, 2010

That's A LOT of shots!

DISCLAIMER: I understand that vaccination of children is a hot topic. I am not writing this in hopes of altering anyone else's views on childhood vaccination, just to get my feelings out there. I am not including a bunch of data, however I do encourage anyone and everyone with small or new children to do their own research and be fully comfortable with the decisions they make for their children.

During the course of my pregnancy, I had to take the twins I was caring for to their 4 year old well child appointment. Little did I (or their mom) realize that they would be receiving 4 shots each that day. They were really brave. One didn't cry at all and the other only cried for a few minutes immediately following. However, they did not feel so hot an hour or so later. They both were extra crabby and nothing seemed to comfort them.

I had heard plenty about the current debates about vaccines. In the long run I want my daughter to be safe and understand that vaccinations are one way to protect her. However, I was and still am concerned about the number of shots she is going to receive. The total is a concern, but the number at each scheduled visit is what concerns me most. Her body is so tiny and the thought of her being stuck by any number of needles makes me cry a little, but the thought of four needles in a matter of minutes piercing her sensitive skin and shooting her body full of foreign substances is more than I can take. So, we are going to be spreading out her vaccines. I have talked to her pediatrician as well as a doctor at the local department of health and they have both okay-ed our request to have no more than 2 vaccinations given at a time. This means that Sean and I will need to take extra care to make sure she is given the correct shots and that the spacing between the shots is correct. That extra care, is more than worth it in my opinion, because like I said before, it's all about making sure Ella Grace is safe.

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