Monday, March 8, 2010

I should be sleeping....

I Should Be Sleeping

I never knew there were such great movies
on TV at three A.M.
I'd never guess that at midnight Tuesday
I could have pizza ordered in
I've never been a real night owl
but these days I'm all turned around
there's only one thing I'm sure of right now

I should be sleeping
instead of keepin these late hours
I've been keeping
I've been pacing and retracing
every step of every move
and even though I'm feeling so right
I'm so happy still I know
I should be sleeping instead of dreaming about you
song title 'I Should Be Sleeping' by artist 'Emerson Drive'
Yeah... this song runs through my head as I sit waiting. Trying to decide if  I should try to sleep...or wait for Ella to wake up and nurse just one more time...I REALLY should be sleeping.

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