Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh the places I NIP...

Nursing in pubic is considered somewhat controversial...and to me that is crazy! Nursing is one of the most, if not the most, organic things a mother and her child do. And really, how many people would rather hear an infant screaming than have a mother nurse in public? I adore nursing my daughter. I am amazed that my body knows when she is going to be hungry and how much she is going to need to eat and that there is always milk for her. I was thrilled that the nutritionist we saw not only thought 1 year was a good goal, but she said that she wished it was seen as a minimum amount of time to nurse. Tomorrow is 7 weeks since Ella Grace was born and in that time I have nursed in lots of places... here is my tribute. In no particular order.

Verizon Wireless - Northlake Diner - Babies R Us - Walmart - Kids Consignment - Northlake Mall - Olive Garden - Steak n Shake - Outback Steak House - Church - Public Park - Longhorn Steak House - McDonald's Parking Lot - Publix Parking Lot - Prosthetic Doctor's Office - Husband's Doctor's Office Waiting Room and during his appointment - My Parent's living room - My In law's living room - Wachovia Parking Lot- Side of the road in a random neighborhood

and not even 2 months in yet!

I want to add a note that in no way do I look down on mothers who formula feed. I do however encourage those I know to really give breast feeding a chance and not give up if things don't start out "easy". 
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  1. Great sentiments! I also enjoyed nursing and am looking forward to nursing my second child. I felt no shame in NIP, my favorite place was on airplanes during flights!

  2. wonderful! Good for you girl! I nursed both of my babes for 2 years. After that, my body gave in and decided that it couldn't do it any more =) Probably would have done it longer if I could. But they definitely had less ear infections, sickness, and all that not-so-greatness. And a lot cheaper! I am so proud of you for sticking with it. Isn't it great (after the first month or so)?! Thinking of y'all every day - glad she is doing well.