Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One week makes a BIG difference!

Today Ella Grace and I had an appointment with a nutritionist. For her it was a visit to check her weight and to talk about if we needed to do anything to boost her in take. For me it was a check in on my current weight loss and to make sure I was eating what I need to eat to make good milk for my baby. Well...we both passed with flying numbers! Ella gained a whole pound this last week and I lost another 2! Yay for us! Next month when we go back, the nutritionist is going to go over my food diary with me...I'm a little nervous about that.

 Today Ella weighed 10.5 lbs!     The webs free Fitness Log

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  1. Oh the food diary. You're speaking my talk here Callie! With the Census post and the nutrition post... this is turning into a public health blog! :-)

    Good luck with the food diary. Those are tricky little things -- hard to be honest with yourself and to remember everything you ate! I'm waiting for a cell phone app that lets you take pictures of what you and do that all for you!

    Glad the baby's gained weight and glad you're losing it! Most importantly, glad you're both healthy!