Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby Ella is 2 months old!!

Can you believe it?? I can't. But it's true. My little baby girl. The one I have dreamed about since I was old enough to not be a baby myself, wanted since my teens, and ached for since meeting my husband, is now two months old. Today was her 2 month appointment and it was a doozy.

As you may or may not know, Ella Grace was not gaining so well during her debut weeks. She was only 10 oz above her birth weight at her one month appointment. However, the following week, she had gained a pound! Flash forward to today...

I spent the morning loving on my little girl. Blowing motor-boats to make her smile, singing songs, taking pictures and telling her how much I love her.  I packed us up for her 11 o'clock appointment and we were on our way. 

Two month baby check appointments are a shot appointment. As I mentioned in my previous post "That's A LOT of shots!" Sean and I have decided to do a modified/delayed vaccination schedule for Ella Grace. I knew this was what I wanted, but on my way to the appointment I was becoming anxious. I wasn't sure if it was the thought of her getting shots in general, or my fear of someone (a nurse or doctor) telling my what I had decided was wrong and trying to pressure me to change my mind. I think it was a little of both. I've also previously mentioned my mommy crush/hero Jessica. I called her for support and she came through for me. She not only told me that Ella would be fine, but she also made me remember it was my right and my job as Ella's mom to make decisions that I felt best for my daughter. That no-one could tell me 100% that my decision was right or wrong, and that as long as I was confident in my decision, that is what mattered. 

I decided on 2 shots. Polio and HIB. Two very basic vaccines with mild if any reactions. Ones that I received at her age. I mentioned at sign in that we didn't want all of the shots today. The nurse called us back. We took Ella Grace to be weighed and measured...

Ella Grace at two months! 

 11.9 pounds

23 3/4 inches long

 38 1/2 Head Circumference

Once in the room, she began to talk about today's visit. "Today is a vaccination visit she will be getting..." "excuse me, we actually only want to do two vaccinations today." "The vaccines we get are premixed with..." "no, we only want the Polio and HIB today. That is all." "The doctor will be in shortly." Yeah. She seemed kind of miffed that I was standing firm. I felt good. The doctor came in and things got rolling. He looked over Ella's measurements and was pleased. He congratulated me on getting her weight up while continuing to almost exclusively breast feed. (Ella has been given formula on occasion) Then came time for the shots. He administers the shots himself. Something that I really appreciate. He is who examines my daughter and he is the only one who will ever give her vaccinations. I told him I only wanted to do the Polio and HIB today and he said ok. Reminded me that I needed to keep track of what she receives and make sure she gets the next dose (if required) at the appropriate time. He asked me when I planned to do the two other shots that we were not getting today. I told him that we would be back in a month but that I still wasn't sure we would be getting the DTAP then. I'm still doing my research and feel that as long as she is not in day care, we can hold off on this for the time being. He was okay with that, for now, and told me to feel free to call and talk to him anytime. Then came the shots.

He did them fast and although she cried, she didn't wail like some babies I heard in the office. I immediatly took her from the table and nursed her. Since she was only in her diaper we were almost competly skin to skin with my hooter hider covering me. Dr. V told me to take my time. By the time we walked out, she was calm. Not as happy as when we came in, but not a mess.

 The rest of today has be trying. My mom went and bought us a bottle of baby Tylenol when she was fussing and crying even when nursing. She was hurting and I wanted her to feel better. Now it's nearly midnight and she has finally fallen asleep and I'm about to crash myself. We'll see how the rest of the night goes. We have to be up early tomorrow. Our first time trying to be out of the house before 8am. Wish us luck!!

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  1. I trust you and your decisions with Ella, but if you ever want the Harvard Med/School of Public Health vaccination down low, let me know.