Tuesday, March 23, 2010

**RedBook April Giveaway Bonanza**

Okay, I admit, RedBook didn't call what I'm about to tell you about a "giveaway bonanza". However, with 1,767 giveaways including vacations, diamonds, washer/dryers, laptops and $250k in cash, I think this qualifies as a bonanza.

I don't buy magazines myself. I either look for free subscriptions, or scarf them from my in-laws house. (Don't worry, my MIL is glad to see the clutter go.) RedBook is one of the scarfed mags. This month I won't even take it home since I am spending a few days at their house and can enjoy it here and then we can toss it...err... I mean recycle it. This months issue is packed with great giveaways and I thought I would share them. Although, come to think of it, I could just keep this information to myself and increase my odd of winning. Oh well.

Two of the great giveaways are:

the Dior Beauty makeup and Redken hair products used o Trisha Yearwood for the cover shoot : enter here

$250k, yeah that's right, $250,000.00: enter here

to see what else they have click here

So... head on over to RedBook and try your hand!

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