Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Couch Cave

AKA....Mommy & Ella's bed.

Sean is not a good sleeper. No, let me rephrase that. Sean is not a good lack of sleep person. He literally starts going a bit quaky when he is running low on rest. The first week of Ella Grace, she and I slept upstairs with Sean. We live in a one bedroom apartment so Ella's cradle is next to our king size bed. However, every little sound she made woke Sean up. Just normal baby sounds. He was such a concerned daddy and simply wasn't used to the sounds she makes in her sleep. After a week of little to no sleep, Sean was practically incapable of functioning much less in any condition to work. Thus the "Couch Cave" was born.

Since we don't have a second room, and we don't have an extra mattress, and our couches are both love seats, it made more sense to me for Ella and I to make our bed downstiars than for Sean to try and find an alernative place to sleep. By pushing the two love seats together, it creates a cave of sorts for us. It blocks out any drafts from the front door (and boy can it be drafty), and is quite comfortable in my opinion. Not only does this allow Sean a better nights sleep, but me as well!

I'm not really sure for how much longer we will continue with this arrangement. Our lease is up in July and, if Ella is still not sleeping through the night by then, we will at least be in a two bedroom apartment after that. I miss sleeping beside my husband during the week, but the memory of our "couch cave" are ones I'm sure I will cherish forever and hopefully Ella will find ammusing in her childhood and even more so when she becomes a mommy herself.

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