Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Way Our Government Wasted Money

I received what at first glance I thought was our 2010 Census in the mail today. However, when I opened it I was not only disapointed, but frustrated at the money wated. I'm sure every other American got one of these today or will be receiving it wthin the coming week. But for now, the first sentence of the letter reads:

"About one week from now, you will receive a 2010 Census form in the mail."

I am fully in support of the Census and I believe in it's importance. But this seems absolutely ridiculous to me! According to the US Census Bureau in 2008 they estimate 130 million housing units in the United States. At approximatly  $.50 to print and mail these that is over 60 million dollars just to mail these papers out! Tell me how that makes sense? Tell me how when there are people in our country struggling to put food on the table, roofs over their families heads, clothing on their children's backs...tell me how spending $60 million to mail these out makes sense? I know I know...if given to the American people it would only be $.50 per dwelling, but every penny counts right??

What is your opinion??


  1. I am putting a ":\" reaction, not to your blogpost, but to the utter waste of my life (and tons of paper) that was this little "reminder" from the census bureau.

  2. I understand your sentiment but I think it was probably a necessary reminder for a lot of households. With luck, at least a few parents will see the reminder and be watchful of where the kids are sticking the mail. Also, I think that when this mailer was planned, they didn't know how effective their PR campaign was going to be. There seems to be a LOT more general awareness of the census this time around. Ten years ago I talked to people who got it in the mail and thought it was a marketing survey.

  3. I feel like I've got to defend fellow data-collectors of the world... we do what we must to ensure participation! And... if you're still looking for work this summer -- let me know, the Census pays quite well for you to go and chase down all those people who don't turn in their forms! I bet you might even be able to do it while pushing a baby stroller too!