Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mommy to the rescue! or not?

I read an article on this morning about running to your children's rescue when they forget things like lunches, homework, and other items they might need while at school. It posed the question of when NOT helping sends the wrong message. The writer was a you forgot it you have to live with it kind of mommy. She wanted to instill responsibility for oneself in her children. But watching her daughters unwillingness to help out those around her made her wonder if she had gone too far.

I know that I called my parents plenty with "I forgot." And be it homework, shorts for soccer practice, or my lunch, they rarely said no. Did this harm me? There are times that I still forget things, but I do not expect others to break their backs to help me. I do try and help those around me and with compassion I hope. I can't wait for Ella Grace to call me and need me to help her. That is something I consider to be the roll of a mommy, or daddy.

I have a running joke with my dad. I call and ask for "daddy rescue" when I really need help, and in return, he racks up "life credits." Now, I am an adult, and married with a child of my own, but every now and then I still need daddy's help. But more frequently he is calling and cashing in those life credits. Now,  I don't know that I will ever be able to re-pay all of his help, but I don't think he really ever expected me too.

what do you think?


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