Sunday, June 13, 2010

And it's off to the pool we go!

We took Ella Grace to the pool for the first time yesterday. We weren't really worried about her reaction to the water since she loves the bath and shower so much, but we were to see her reaction and obviously this would be the most submerged she's been up to this point.

After getting her all ready with her swim diaper, sunscreen, swimsuit, and sun hat we were off! The pool was so crazy crowded that I'm not sure we got a true response as to how she felt about being in that much water. She was more interested in watching all the crazy teenagers jumping in and out of the pool. She did however show some nervous behavior when we held her out away from our bodies. I think the buoyancy was a little much for her. Other than that, she seemed content and we had a good time.

This is what I am printing to hang on the wall. I am making 8x8 "posters" of her first and our favorite moments and framing them to hang together. Eventually I will transfer them to a scrapbook.

This is my favorite pic of the afternoon and I plan to print and frame it as well.

I can't wait to create more memories in the water with Ella Grace! Sean and I were both water babies growing up and it looks like she will be one too!

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