Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my dedicated readers! Lol... do I have any readers?

It makes me think of what I was doing Y2K. I was 14 and  I was babysitting Taylor and Ashley Marshall. My first real baby sitting clients. I was babysitting and all of my friends were at a New Years Eve party at Leann Rittenbaums house. Brett Kneisel called me at midnight and that made my... well... New Years.  Funny enough I ran into a friend of the Marshall's day before yesterday while I was out shopping with my mom. I haven't talked to Leann in years. I would love to,but I guess that's just one of those friendships that fell to the wayside after highschool. I chat with Brett every now and again and wish him the best. He was such a huge part of my life for several years that I still find it odd that he's not really in it at all any more. 10 years makes some big changes.

Well not so big i guess, last night I was babysitting too. But this time I was babysitting my "inside" baby. My little Ella Grace. She is still cooking away inside and we can't wait to meet her. So last night was spent chatting with other pregnant ladies online and just chilling at home with my hubby. The highlight of the night...

Chocolate Almond Ice Cream! mmmm...

So, what are your plans for the year? I know this year is going to be one I will never forget. Sometime in the next 2 months, I'm going to be a mommy. A mommy! Wow. Yeah, I would say 10 years makes a difference. Sean and I are signed to our lease until the end of July but plan on looking for somewhere new starting in late May or early June. Our apartment is only 1 bedroom and that will be fine for a while, but Ella is going to need her own room and we are going to need more space for all the stuff that comes with having a baby. We also have no where for her to really crawl so a larger home is on the list for 2010. I want to get my photography really going this year. I want to be able to help support our family financially through my photography. I know that being able to control my own schedule would make it possible for me to be the mommy and wife I want to be, so that is my big goal for the year.

I am not going to make "resolutions" this year. I am just going to say that I am going to try to trust in God to help me find my way and I am going to try to be a better person. Simple as that, lol.

One final time, Happy New Years to all I love and hold dear! 2010... I'm here!

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