Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our baby girl...10 weeks-32 weeks

Well, I thought I would take this time to post some of the ultrasound pictures that have been taken through out this pregnancy. I am so excited for the time when I will be posting pictures of her outside of me, but until then...

She was soooo tiny :) Her whole body fit in the picture

She kind of looks like and alien in the one on the left. She is facing down and looking to the left.The one on the right I debated about posting but here it is...  The day we were to find out if our baby was a girl or a boy Sean had to work. I asked the ultrasound tech not to tell me but instead to please write it down and place it in an envelope. She was great and I drove straight to see Sean after my appointment. We actually met up in a Wendy's parking lot and when we opened the envelope he didn't even see the text but knew it was a girl beacuse I started jumping up and down and sqealing in delight. I was so happy that it was a girl! We called our parents and a few others and then had lunch. Sean lauged at me for telling all of the Wendy's workers that we were going to have a baby girl...hmmm... maybe we should have named her Wendy??

This one really excites me. She no longer looks like an alien AND you can see her cute litte nose and mouth. She was opening and closing her mouth and at one point it looked like she was blowing bubbles. :)

Who do you think she looks like? Her chubby cheeks make me smile.

She's getting so big that you can't see her as well. That is kind of odd to me. Ultrasounds are harder to read at the beginning and the end. During the middle you can see a lot and it's pretty easy to figure out what you are looking at. Even without my handy-dandy  labels.

See what I mean....

I have a few that I haven't scanned in yet and I will do that later.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the growth of our little Ella up to this point. I can't wait to share her with everyone in the future!

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