Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mommies Day!

On this day of loving mommy I have been thinking about how great a mom I have. I work with children on an almost daily basis, and by no means am I saying that their mom's don't love them, it just makes me realize how great my mom is.

I have wonderful memories of growing up. Adventuring through the GA mountains, pink milk and cookies on Valentine's Day, snuggles watching Little House on the Prairie, singing out loud in the car with the windows down on hot summer days, bed time songs that I love to this very day...

I never knew things were financially hard growing up. I never knew because my mom made life rich with love and creativity. One of my favorite Christmas memories is of my brother and I begging to open a present on Christmas Eve. We each had a present that said it was from "Special K" and we were clueless as to what it could be or who it was from. We were so anxious that we both opened our "Special K" presents and starting laughing when we saw what was inside. Each beautiful wrapped package contained a box of Pop-tarts! It's a memory and a present I will never forget.

My mom is one of the most deeply caring people I know. She cares for people to the point of pain to herself. Her love is genuine and passionate and even when I'm mad as hell at her I know that she does everything with love.

I love you mommy. Happy Mothers Day! Here is toasting almost 24 years of motherhood and many more to go...

I love you little. I love you lots. My love for you could fill 10 pots. 14 tea kettles. 12 huge bags. And one big bath tub filled with precious metals.

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